How To Fix Problems With Acer Bios Activation Via USB?

It’s worth checking out these troubleshooting tips if you’re getting an acer BIOS USB activation error.

I wanted all other methods to get the main usb ports working. I suggest 3 on a laptop, one only and two. Tandu port is not working. But I feed on the connection with it. The LED of the USB camera lights up, the phone number etc. is loaded. e.

I used regedit (still 3) and uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. Running a registry cleaner… nothing works… Need help…

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acer bios usb enable

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Can USB ports be disabled in BIOS?

Solution. Turn on the device “Continue”, press F1 to enter the settings in the BIOS. Change the status of the USB port to “Disabled”, press F10, save to and exit, reboot the system.

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    Sometimes the USB ports on your computer or laptop need to be disabled to restrict access to USB drives, hard drives, and even other connected USB devices. Disable USB connections to Prevent a connection that can be used to steal sensitive information or infect your computer and spread malware over the old network.

    Restrict USB Access

    1. Disabling USB through BIOS settings
    2. Changing the actual registry settings for USB devices
    3. Disabling USB in Port Device Manager
    4. Uninstalling the USB controller driver
    5. li>
    6. Use the Microsoft 50061 fix.
    7. Use additional
    8. Physical programs
    9. eliminate USB. Ports

    1. Disable B Usb Ports In BIOS Settings

    How do I enable USB ports in BIOS?

    Turn on then computers, press today F10 to enter BIOS.tabOn “Use Security” use the Arrows and Down Arrows to select “USB Security”, then press “Enter”.one of the ports and usb will display their location.


    1. Enter B. BIOS settings.
    2. All

    3. disable the items connected to the USB controller (for example, USB controller or legacy USB media).
    4. The one after man changes, made it is necessary to save the settings and then exit the bios. This is usually done with the button pressed. Q10.
    5. Restart your device
    6. and make sure the USB ports are disabled.

    2. Enabling And Disabling USB Drives Using The Editor

    If You Register

    you are not familiar with the BIOS, you can instantly block access to the operating systemWindows system through the registry.

    How do I enable BIOS on Acer?

    The most commonly used keys to access Acer hardware configuration are and f2 Delete. old On computers try F1 with or + Ctrl Alt + Esc. If you have an ACER BIOS installed on your computer, you can restore the BIOS boot settings by pressing and holding the F10 key. After you receive two sound alarm settings will be reset.

    The instructions below will give you access to various USB drives (such as signature drives), but other peripheral input keys such as mice, printers, and scanners will now work.


    1. Click menu > Start > Run, type “regedit”. Click OK to open the PC editor.
    2. Go to


    3. to the next

    4. Find the “Start” part on the right side of the command window. double AND click on the modification idea. Enter value 4’To access USB keys to. Accordingly, enter again 3 inches for customs values”Access will be restored.


    You often click on the “OK” button, close the registry editor and restart the computer.


    How do I get my Acer Aspire to boot from USB?

    Turn off your laptop.Plug in your precious USB drive and turn on your F12 after the water small screen.use the cursor keys to select the USB drive (usually the manufacturer of the USB drive is Kingston, Adata, Sandisk, etc.)Press Enter and the phone should boot from the USB drive.

    This procedure is for USB controller with built-in driver only. If the driver has not been configured for health and safety reasons, the “Can start” setting will be forced to “3” when the owner plugs in the USB drive and Windows. I will install the driver file.

    3. DisableCheck USB Device Manager

    1. Right-click the “computer mouse icon” and select “Properties” from the context menu. In the left part, a window will open in which a person needs to click on the label ” Dispatcher” “Device”.
    2. In the
    3. tree of the product manager, find the USB Controller item and open it .li >

    4. Disable the controller by simply clicking the right mouse button in addition and selecting the Disable menu item.

    This procedure does not always work. In the example above, disabling the remotes first (2 points) should not produce the expected result. On the other hand, disabling the third item (USB stick) worked, only eliminating the separate USB boost instance.

    4. Remove Drivers From USB


    If you want to separate scopes, you can simply uninstall the USB control driver. However, the disadvantage of this method is that when the USB drive is disconnected, Windows checks for the presence of the driver and, if not, installs it. This opens the sound to connect the USB device to.

    5. Blocks Users, SubkeyMicrosoft Apps

    Another way to prevent direct access to USB drives is to contact Microsoft Fix IT 50061 ( for help. Link – can be configured on Mitutu. The essence of our method is that in reality 2 conditions for solving the problem are taken into account:

    Acer Bios Usb Wlacz
    Acer Bios Usb Abilita
    Acer Bios Usb Activer
    에이서 바이오스 Usb 인에이블
    Usb V Biose Acer Vklyuchit
    Acer Bios Usb Aktivieren
    Acer Bios Usb Habilitar
    Acer Bios Usb Inschakelen
    Acer Bios Usb Habilitar
    Aktivera Acer Bios Usb