Repair Tips Cannot Open PPS Attachments

Here are a few simple steps that can help resolve the issue of not being able to open a PPS attachment.

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cannot open a pps ie attachment

A .pps file usually denotes a slide show presentation created with Microsoft PowerPoint. If a PPS document received as an attachment does not open at all in Windows Live Mail, this could be due to a number of possible reasons, including a poorly designed file association, a corrupted original document, problems with the software installed on the PC, or damage to much of the registry Windows. By methodically dealing with these with specific potential causes, you should be able to open the file while practicing in your email client.

File Association

  1. One of the possible reasons why some people have problems is that PPS file types are not associated with another program, with the correct program that can open the file. This typically results in the display of a dialog prompting the user to select an exclusive application; If the wrong application is assigned, an error message is usually displayed. Links are defined by the programs in the section.Check the Default Programs Control Panel. Make sure Microsoft PowerPoint is set to open PPS documents. If PowerPoint is not available, choose another compatible tool, such as openoffice, download the free PowerPoint client from the Microsoft website.



  1. Why won’t my PowerPoint files open?

    Right-click the file and select Properties. In the Properties dialog box, Find the Unlock button at the bottom right. If it can be purchased, click then “Unlock”, click “Apply”, then “OK” to close the actual dialog box. try running the presentation again now.

    The PPS File Attached To All Emails May Be Damaged And Cannot Be Opened. This Issue Usually Occurs In Microsoft PowerPoint (or Other PPS Compliant Application) And Displays An Error Message. In Fact, The Only Option In This Case Is To Contact The Sender And Forward The File. If You Were Able To Save The File To Disk But Not Download It, Download It From The Free Online Recovery Tool At Https:// – Although There Is No Guarantee Our File Can Be Recovered, The Problem Can Be Solved By Doing This Way.

Problem With Windows Live Mail

    1. Also, the specific root cause of the problem may be related to Windows Live Mail itself, and not to PPS or delivery related applications. The easiest way to check this is to try opening All attachments using another email client, such as Google’s free Gmail web service or the Thunderbird desktop client. If the file is successfully transferred to Windows, Live Mail may be corrupted in some way. To really solve this problem, download and install the latest version of the app from the web.

    Other Problems


    1. other issues can also contribute to PPS causing the file to not open in Windows Live Mail. Hints to the main problem can be easily found in the error comments on the displayed screen. If the computer or laptop entries for the PPS or Windows Live file form turn out to be corrupted messages, the location of the files can also be affected – run System Restore from the start menu to restore the registry to an earlier time to resolve this issue. if that solves the problem. It is worth making a special task out of it if the problem is new.

    How do I open a PPS file?

    click the start button, select “All Programs” from the windows start menu and look at “Microsoft Viewer” powerpoint. Search related selection by file with PPS. Usually click the “Open” button. PowerPoint opens, I would say viewer, the file as a presentation of a series of slides.