How Can I Resolve Cocreateinstance 0x800401f0

If you’re getting the cocreateinstance 0x800401f0 error, this blog post should help.

These FAQs are related to technical issues and should only be for users of this latest Worms Armageddon (v3.8.1) update, or users trying to write articles about this version or about installing certain WAs.

If you have any answers to this question, see the FAQ, add each one to the talk page.

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General Troubleshooting

Reset options

Resetting all game options to default helps a lot with problematic models. To do this, go to the “Options” menu and then select “Advanced” “Reset” and. If the online game does not launch, you can do the same by opening the “Tweaks” directory in the game’s installation directory and running ResetRegistryOptions.reg.

Launch WA

“Graphics Error”

Try to find another graphics API using the scripts in the settings registry directory.Go to the directory where you used W:A, find the Tweaks subdirectory and from there open one of the various registry scripts starting with “Renderer_”, for example “Renderer_Direct3D_9_Software_Palette.reg”. Stay until they eventually try to find it if it works.

Interface Issues

Try settings to change graphics on the “Advanced Options” page. In particular, providing “Wait Vertical for And sync” for various complex charting APIs should help.

I can’t select resolution

If you have enabled compatibility options for w:a resolution, turn them off. Windows Documentation restricts the permissions reported by W:A as being available when certain compatibility options are enabled. mouse pointer

which is usually invisible in hardware

cocreateinstance 0x800401f0

Disable the mouse pointer, either by disabling the option in the advanced options screen, or by importing the UseHardwareCursors_Off.reg file from the Script Tweaks subdirectory.

The screen flickers a lot at the start of a game or before a round

On systems with a large number of monitors, the screen may flicker excessively at startup on or before the next rotation. related It has to do with how Windows handles changesThe change and resolution cannot be fixed by the game at this time. However, if this bothers you, windowed mode can bypass it, eliminating the need to change the resolution.

Problems In The Game

Steam overlay not working while playing

(Or, to be more precise, the hotkey for displaying the Steam overlay inevitably has no effect.)This is a discovered issue, Worms in Armageddon 3.8, which will most likely be fixed in a later more update.

Crash when minimizing game due to situation

cocreateinstance 0x800401f0

This is a known issue with the Armageddon 3.8 worms and may be fixed in a long-term update.

The strokeit program may be responsible. Disable After programmatically playing a search or programmatic process that will help you prevent this element from interfering while WA is running.

Play very slowly

Try changing the advanced theme settings in the story options. try More precisely, another graph API.

Players quit valid with “desynchronization error”

Out of sync errors These are usually caused by an in-game bug. Search the support forums if the issue is technically known. If this has never happened, please post replays of where all the players have played it, if available (or at least the host in addition to the player that got the desync).

Must out sync errors can also be caused by third-party learning add-ons (such as wormkit add-ons) that customize the gameplay.

Game colors mixed

Note. This may only work when using 8-bit DirectDraw graphics APIs in pre-Windows activities. The best solution is to upgrade to 32-bit graphics API (i.e. any graphics other than api, DirectDraw Bits) (8. If you want to continue using the 8-bit graphics API in (missing Windows) You 8), see below.

The most common cause of this issue is incompatibility with modern Vista operating systems (Windows Plus 7). There are several ways to solve this problem, more or less simplicity and efficiency.

  1. If you collideGet over this problem in games, it’s time you restore the palette with Shift + Pause.
  2. If you’re experiencing this issue in the UI, try successfully enabling the “Process Palette” option in the “Advanced Options” theme. One for better effect, turn on the last two options only: “Reset DirectX palette” and “Listen to color palette changes”. Windows
  3. On Vista, opening the Windows Explorer folder while playing may solve the problem.
  4. Registry-based solutions such as DirectDrawFix can include Windows built-in feature entries to tell the system that the game palette should be protected from unwanted changes. Note: Best not to use in conjunction with the above advanced options. Important only for versions up to
  5. wkColorFix is ​​usually a WormKit module that causes Windows Explorer to crash (palette corruption being the most common) while running (and game minimizing), definitely not.
  6. Closing Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) often solves the problem, but the computer’s taskbar and help icons remain unavailable untiluntil Windows Explorer is restarted. There are different possibilities for this:
  7. Use the task manager (which you can open by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del), end the process, and then open it again by selecting File → Run….
  8. Use batch
    Equivalent declaration: stack instruction ending in

    공동 생성 인스턴스 0x800401f0
    Cocreateinstance 0x800401f0
    Cocreateinstance 0x800401f0
    Cocreateinstance 0x800401f0
    Cocreerinstance 0x800401f0
    Cocreateinstance 0x800401f0
    Cocreateinstance 0x800401f0
    Cocreateinstance 0x800401f0
    Wspoltworzenieinstancja 0x800401f0
    Cocriar Instancia 0x800401f0