Steps To Fix Rsc Eeprom Output Device

If your system has an rsc eeprom output device, this guide can help you fix it.

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    This document describes how this allows you to redirect the system console tostandard serial port to an RSC (Remote System Management) card. This document applies to Fire™ sun 280R, 480r, v880, v490, V890 and V880z servers. Name=”FIX”>



    This map material assumes you have OBP 4.15.x or higher installed. Updating the firmware to the latest patches improves reporting, although some rare errors may not be diagnosable at earlier OBP levels.

    The latest OBP patch numbers are available for probably all platforms Solaris[TM] OS Flash PROM Patches/Minimum Revisions For sun Systems

    Troubleshooting steps

    Click here for detailed installation instructions and article documentation.

    Click here to download one, two steps of rsc.2., you

    Click here to download RSC 2.2.3

    To this direct console on Rsc

    In order for a card to use an RSC card, the kit administrator must transfer a direct technician to the RSC. Some errors are undiagnosable if the console log, available at the time the error occurs, is simply not collected. How the console only RSC is displayedas a device, this important data is automatically captured. Adding while the system is running can be turned on and off remotely, which greatly simplifies remote execution.

    After downloading and installing the packages, configure the rsc master RSC card from Solaris using the rsc-config command.

    /usr/platform/`name yourself -i`/rsc/rsc-config

    Confirm that you can use the RSC card using the serial number of the RSC or your network operator. Once the remote connection to Card rsc is working, you can set up console redirection. In the appropriate command prompt, run the following commands, use an open session on the connected RSC card after resetting it – all POST output can be redirected to the console.

    ok setenv diag-out-console true
    ok setenv input-device rsc-console
    ok output-device setenv rsc-console
    ok same reset-all

    In fact, changes can be made using a special eeprom command using Solaris, the changes will take effect on the next reboot.

    # eeprom diag-out-console=true
    # eeprom input-device=rsc-console
    # eeprom output-device=rsc-console

    To manage the console on your ttya

    If the family needs a f Redirect the top of the Ttya console, there are many options. Some of these are temporary and may be useful to FE un for on-site work.


  • OBP 4.15.x introduced a service mode where the system logs into the system and certain key switches are set to the diagnostic position and can be activated. The console is directly sent to the ttya serial port, as a result, the key switch turns on normally and the system will reset when reset, reset everything. This was introduced so that the technicians sent to the site could finally more easily work with the technologies without the clients knowing the RSC passwords. This method temporarily casts the nvram variable from :

    Diagnostic switch? =true
    diag-level =max
    diag-script =power-on-reset =normal
    diag-trigger error-reset user-reset
    verbosity=max input device
    Device = factory setting
    Output device = factory setting

  • Turn on the system by completing step 5 of initialization, then turn on the system again. The wrench indicator will flash rapidly during the POST process. E If this happens, press all buttons before the power button twice (delay a second, one including pressing) during this period. Then the Ttya port should be active. For

    Note. For a Sun Fire[TM] V880 server with large options, set POST to work at the maximum level. It may take up to 13 minutes for the LED to flash rapidly. At this point, you can double-click the Activate button.

  • Permanent:

    eeprom output device rsc

    If a more permanent solution is likely to be needed, you can reset the client OBP variables to their current Setenv defaults:

    ok false
    ok diag-out-console setenv keyboard input device
    ok setenv output device screen

    If access to Solaris and the RSC card are unavailable, the RSC card can be removed as a last resort. This will temporarily reset the console port to TTYA. After running the OBP, the outputs should reset exactly until the RSC board is assembled.

    Older versions and obp E250

    In the secret cheat guides for old RSC users (2.0, 2.1 and 2.2), the OpenBoot[TM] prom (OBP) commands to redirect certain consoles to rsc differ. These settings are still correct for E250, for no are specific and do not apply back to 490, 480, 880, 880z 890 pro (assuming a newer OBP replacement patch has been applied).

    ok setenv diag-output-to rsc
    ok setenv input-device rsc
    ok setenv output-device rsc

    The break command in rsc probably still doesn’t work if break un is selected, or KEYBOARD_ABORT if still disabled in /etc/default/kbd. A complete new discussion of rings can be found on the For Lady (1) kbd page. Keyboard.

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