Troubleshoot Access Database Connection Problems The Easy Way

You should review these troubleshooting guidelines if you encounter a database connection error code. When .you .try to connect .to the .Access .database .after .selecting .a particular .database ..accdb .file, the application generates an error message and the main reason for this delay error is a mismatch between Windows Server, additional database drivers and architecture. The specified seller was not found.


If you share the system, you will receive the following error message on your own:

Login method ‘_Current Project’ failed.

This VBA error occurs when Application.CurrentProject.Connection or Application.CurrentDB.Connection is called very frequently.DBMS


Access Core/Access Connectivity (ACE) is included in a number of non-Microsoft variants of Microsoft Access, such as Visio and Microsoft Project. If you are installing an ACE version other than Access, the ACEOLEDB path.DLL file in this registry may not point to the appropriatemissing full version of ACE.


You should be prepared to fix this by repairing Office in addition to installing Access.

How do I fix ODBC connection error?

For this problem, you need to adjust the parameters of the odbc driver. Do the following: Click Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC). Normally, click the “DSN System tab” in the ODBC Data Source Administrator window.

You can also change this key entry by changing the DLL class to match your version of Access.

MSI Settings

(OS: 64-bit and 64-bit) office: or 32-bit (OS: and 32-bit)

Click-to-Run Settings

(OS: Office: 64-bit & 64-bit) Office: 32-bit (OS: & Office: 32-bit)

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  • Applies to:
    Access 2016, Access Access 2013, 2010, Microsoft Office Access 2007
  • Office 365 ProPlus will be renamed to Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. For more information on this change, see blog entry.2007

    Office12 access, OFFICE14 access – 2010, 2013 access – and office15 2016 access – OFFICE16.connect

    Unable to access database – fatal error. This may be due to similar connectivity issues or other single issues, one of which is incorrect database modification. Can happenSo, Xia that you will enter the wrong password. Please try again with the most appropriate password, and then check if the Access database shows an error when you try to connect.

    Transferring Data To An Application Other Than Microsoft Office

    How do I fix Microsoft Access error?

    Restore previous backup.Use Compact Base as a repair database.Use the Microsoft Jet Compact utility.Create a new MS Access database and import corrupted files.Use repair software.Aria-label=”Article Outline”>


    Migrating data from a Microsoft Office application to a non-Microsoft Office application requires the Access Database Engine to be installed. If you don’t host the app, this Access database might still show the database with a “connection access error”.

    Database Engine Loading Steps All Access

    Why can’t I open an Access database?

    Reason 6 Access – my network database files are blocked In such an important case, access to the database files on the network is usually blocked for many users.vatels. Also hardware issues and requirements for the server hosting the new database file. This is another typical case that can result in a client database access issue not opening up.

    After checking your versions of Microsoft Access, you can download a similar version of Access the Database Engine. If the structure of the two applications is different, the message “Unable to communicate with database access error” is displayed.< /p >

    Step 2: Download The Database Access Engine 2016 Redistributable

    error connecting to access database

    If your error persists even after finding the password and securely rebuilding the database access mechanism, there are probably other far-reaching problems.

    Reasons For Not Being Able To Connect Other Than Access Database Errors.

    1. Problem .creating .Microsoft Access database .file ..accdb owners

    When trying to finally connect to an Access database and select the entire ACCDB database, and the application shows “Could not connect to Access database error”, this is only due to the architecture of the Windows web server, connection drivers, database, and will be different. .

    The specified provider was not found. It may not have been installed correctly.

  • Install the correct version of the Microsoft Access database engine
  • Check the driver connection around the .asp file like this:
    1. Unable to access Microsoft Access database when adding OLE database connection

    After publishing an OLE database connection, and possibly opening the accdb file, you may fail to connect with a “Connecting to database” error. This may be due to several reasons such as:

  • Service tested with ArcMap instead of ArcCatalog
  • There is no database-specific name behind, while MS uses an Access .accdb database file
  • No connection
  • Incompatibility ddrivers in the architecture of the applications themselves
  • Make a proper connection to another ArcCatalog on the ArcMap side.
  • When choosing a provider, check if the name database extension is required.
  • An automatic method to fix the inability to connect Access database error.

    The best way to fix “Unable to access connect to database” error is to frequently use the automated Access Database Repair software. It recovers resources from any type of corrupted file system repair. It contains MDB and accdb files. It can also fix all errors related to internet problem in Access database.

    error connecting to access database

    Ideas for recovering corrupted data files, databases and data recovery are as follows:

    1. Install the Aryson MS Access recovery tool
    2. Click the Browse button and select the corrupted Access database files.
    3. Select a standard recovery method: or advanced.
    4. Autodetect automatically detects MS Access database file formats
    5. Now check your tables”Show” and “Show System Deleted for Records” recovery boxes.
    6. Click OK, then start parsing the Access database.
    7. Now expand the Scanned Access database folder tree and browse the database files as well.
    8. Select the path to save the restored recording file.
    9. button

    10. Click Save to successfully save the recovered MS Access database files.


    Unable to connect when working with an Access database. The error can be fixed in various ways. There are direct and indirect ways to do this. The manual method takes too much time and cannot be provided to recover everything. On the other hand, with the help of Aryson professional software such as Access Database Recovery, you can easily and effortlessly restore history and recover data. It also performs file backup and restores access to all databases without data loss.

    Why is my ODBC connection failed?

    Odbc Connection Failed Error is a very common error message that many actual Access database users see. We’ve heard that this type of ODBC connection issue usually occurs when SQL servers are now moved with a new name, IP, and DSN; or innovative create ODBC and modify it in link tables.

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