Troubleshooting Event ID 5807 No Customer Site

Over the past few days, some of our readers have informed us that they have experienced event ID 5807, no client site.

You can receive event ID 5807 on a real domain controller running Windows Server 2003
event id 5807 no client site

The NETLOGON event ID 5807 is logged on any type of domain controller running Windows Server 2003.

Event ID 5807
source LOGIN
Description In the past few hours, a large number of connections have been made to this domain controller from client computers whose IP addresses cannot be mapped to any of the established locations in the enterprise. Thus, clients, some of them, have undefined sites and can connect to any domain controller using sites remote from the clients. A potential site is determined by applying its subnet to one of the existing sites. To move any type of the above clients to any location, consider creating a subnet of objects protecting the above IP addresses, reason enough to map to one of the most recent. The names and IP addresses appear in the following log file SystemRootdebugnetlogon on the corresponding clients that are currently logged on to this computer. And possibly report in the generated log file SystemRootdebugnetlogon.bak if the log is already full. The journals may contain additionalu, irrelevant debug information. To filter out the required home information, look for lines that contain the text NO_CLIENT_SITE:. The first word after is the client’s name, and the next word is the replacement for the client’s IP address. The maximum log size is determined by the following Windows registry DWORD value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesNetlogonParametersLogFileMaxSize; The default is 20000000 bytes. The current maximum size is typically 2,000,000 bytes. To set a custom maximum size, create the PC value above and set the desired mismatch size in bytes.
Event information According to Microsoft:

CAUSE: This issue may occur if the following immediate conditions are true:

1. The Internet protocol address of the client computer is not always set.
2. The client computer’s IP address is not mapped to any existing site in the Services Subnets folder of the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in on the traditional domain controller.
event id 5807 no client site

SOLUTION. To resolve this issue, enter the client computer’s IP address in the Subnets folder, and then map the IP addressres to actually map a site containing a small domain controller. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, select Programs, select Administrative Tools, then click Active Directory Sites, then click Services.
2. In the left pane, click “Monitor” and select the SitesSubnets.
3 folder. Right click Subnets, then New, just Subnet.
4.In the address field enter the client’s IP address, I would say.
5. In the Mask field, enter the subnet mask of my client.
6. In the Site Name list, click the entire site object that the client should join, and then click OK. When you select each site you object to, you must retrieve the site object containing that local domain controller.
7. On the general File menu, click Exit to close Active Directory Sites and Services.


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Id Evento 5807 Nessun Sito Client
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