What Is Flashlight, A Lightweight Flash File System For Embedded Systems, And How To Fix It?

If you have a lightweight built-in Flash file system on your system, this article may help.


A very sophisticated approach to using NAND flash, although the storage media is any type of flash file system. In order to develop more powerful flash file technology, two points must be carefully considered. One of the challenges is to develop an efficient ind structure.ex, which includes additional data in flash memory associated with the location of two files. For large memory, the index structure only needs to be stored in flash to realize low memory consumption; However, it may affect the overall performance of the system. Another challenge is the development of a new Garbage Variety (GC) scheme that retrieves outdated pages. This scheme can result in significant overhead as well as read/write operations in identifying and/or transferring valid pages. In this article, we present a new flash directory system with the following features: using (i) a lightweight index structure, it introduces a hybrid indexing scheme and intra-node index logging, and (ii) another efficient GC scheme that includes a basic messy list with a GC approach on demand and fine-grained personal data splitting and bubble gum data matching. We have implemented FlashLight on a Linux operating system with kernel version 2.6.21 on a powerful embedded device. Experimental results are nothow many benchmarks confirm that FlashLight improves performance by 27.4% over UBIFS by reducing index management and garbage collection overhead by up to 33.8%.

flashlight a lightweight flash file system for embedded systems


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    Zaklamp Een Lichtgewicht Flash Bestandssysteem Voor Embedded Systemen
    Flashlight Un Sistema De Archivos Flash Ligero Para Sistemas Integrados
    Lampe De Poche Un Systeme De Fichiers Flash Leger Pour Les Systemes Embarques
    Torcia Un File System Flash Leggero Per Sistemi Embedded
    Flashlight Oblegchennaya Fajlovaya Sistema Flash Dlya Vstraivaemyh Sistem
    Ficklampa Ett Latt Flash Filsystem For Inbyggda System
    Latarka Lekki System Plikow Flash Dla Systemow Wbudowanych
    Flashlight Ein Leichtgewichtiges Flash Dateisystem Fur Eingebettete Systeme
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