How To Solve Grub 22 Sata Error

Today’s user guide has been created to help you out when you get the SATA 22 error.

  • Grub Error 22, Ide+drive (Solved)

    The computer has 2 permissions, ide with Windows XP (id /dev/hda) and sata for Linux (id /dev/sda).
    The installed system is Lenny debian.
    /boot is /dev/sda2, root is /dev/sda6
    grub is installed on /dev/sda2 which is declared active.
    Starting from hda, windows starts as it should.
    Booting from sda will trigger Grub error 22.

    I checked /boot/grub/, it was originally wrong


    grub error 22 sata

    (hd0) /dev/sda(hd1) /dev/sdb

    I changed this advice to


    grub error 22 sata


    and /dev/hda(hd1) reinstalled grub to hd1.1
    No installation error, but still no shoes (still error 22)

    When booting from Live CD H Grub, I can boot the installed system by successfully pointing Kernel & Init to (hd1,1)/*

    Now I’m lost, I don’t really know what to do, everything seems fine, but it doesn’t work?

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  • WrongBox 22: “No partition type”.

    The Linux kernel AFAIK supports hardware IDE with on hda hdd but it also depends on distributions. Newer kernels may have been designed to skip hda Kindle names, which you can check in the Live /dev cd directory.

    Nothing is lost, only hda is usually changed to sda. The kernel contains all block devices from IDE, SCSI sata, and USB named sda, sdb, etc. sdc. they are standardized and defined on no more than 15 sections. The outer shell, limited (plus 15 drive name means 16 devices), was missing, but a few installers are still present, notably the Debain family.

    However, the HDA phone is not affected by Grub, but the IDE still recognizes sata recently, so it will get that sda status and leave your sata to sdb.

    Just move with one small amount of time. You usually need to change Menu.lst and /etc/fstab to find the new device names.

  • I don’t understand you at all :
    Editing and /etc/fstab /boot/grub/menu.lst won’t even change anything. since I load grub accordingly – I never read those files.
    “Grub is monitoring boot” appears on boot with “error 22”
    No hints, no styling options, system freezes.
    And obviously this is evaluated before menu.and lst therefore before reading /etc/fstab.A

    Debian still has Hd* advantages for ide drives and sd* for sata drives, this is not a disadvantage.
    Grub is set to hd1,1, forget the no-menu init strings in kernel.lst(hd1,1) starts

    If /boot/grub/ was
    (hd0) /dev/sda
    (hd1) /dev/sdb
    it still won’t work.

    And mentioned how I would probably boot my Debian as root /dev/sda6 from grub to live-cd. I can’t use /dev/sdb because there are no disks on this single system. what

    So the problem is how not to enter a debian nickname, but how to install and run grub (hd1,1) (as you say, ide-disks are identified first, i.e. it also finds them when booting from a Live-CD.)

    That’s right!

  • OK, pingvino will offer your reports, if you run the procedureru manually from the grub command line and run commands such as (hd1


    root.1)Configuration file /boot/grub/menu.lst

    Or, if you frequently use kernel commands and initrd in /boot from (hd1,1), booties will normally boot Debian.

    Then the problem is hardware in grub or connecting via (hd0) (hd1,1) to. For now, is it possible to restore grub first and then boot Debian?


    root (hd1.1)installation (hd0)root (hd0)Chain Loader +1start

    In the above, you treat grub from (hd1,1) to De mbr (hd0), then boot, get it and immediately hope your Grub works fine.

    Grub can get corrupted from time to time, but probably worse with lilo.

    I will decide if your kernel supports it, then you can continue to use hda.

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  • Thanks. It’s saikee, it’s been fixed!
    Installing grub Mbr via hd0=/dev/hda works fine.

    There was a problem withthat grub didn’t find the right disk: instead I tried to install Grub in mbr to disk hd1, now it works fine, only grub calls our blank disk sata hd0.image,
    So it seems that Grub detects the IDE first, it detects/marks hard drives in BIOS boot order.

    Finally, I’m a little curious as to why I know this doesn’t work anymore :
    I first set up Linux Mint 8 with grub next to /dev/sda2 and everything worked fine!
    Not Choice Mint I installed Debian Lenny and suddenly ran into the problem mentioned instead.
    It’s not a problem because everything is working now. Just wondering, do you know why it worked every time Grub was installed from Mint and not when it was installed by Debian?

    In from pingvino veritas!

  • AFAIK Linux Mint 8 uses a default bootloader like grub2. Have you used Grub2 Le? the kernel is the same, but the instruction to invoke it may differ between Grub1 and Grub2.

    Grub generally doesn’t care about the type of disk, be it sata, ide, SCSI, internal or external. You just name the disk and thenPartition number par. The thumbnail of the provided floppy is taken from Bios.

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