How To Troubleshoot Iritrol Rain Dial?

This blog entry will help you if you notice irritrol Rain Dial troubleshooting.

The FUS message on the Irritrol RD-600 Series Landscape Controller stands for Fuse.

irritrol rain dial troubleshooting

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Please review the following list; If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can review the Q&A yourself and/or post a new sprinkler timer question.

This blog will help you troubleshoot in addition to diagnosing problems with the Irritrol Rain Dial RD-600 and other irrigation systems. We don’t want you to send in a sprinkler timer unless it needs repair. Click on the one way links below to access the solar panel troubleshooting guide. If you ask “how to…”, then I read on.RainDial

For RD-600, 800, 1200 PROGRAMMING MANUAL And Manuals Click Here

Select The Cause Of Your Rain Dial RD600 Series Problem Yourself In The Troubleshooting Section Below.

  • Timer issues
  • Show error messages
  • How do I… and problems with deleting the theme
    1. Rain Dial Sprinkler/Irrigation Valves click or hum or buzzThe water pressure seems to be low.
    2. Valves don’t track when they should.
    3. Valves are blocked, not turning off or more individually than being activated.
    4. Time is frozen and cannot change time
    5. The Case Portal won’t open or you’ve lost your key
    6. Hull door breaks, detaches

    View error messages for each Irritrol RD600, RD900, RD1200 Sprinkler Timer:

    1. Display off or flashing when manually turning valve.
    2. Display is empty.
    3. The display shows FUS or FU5 and a number.
    4. Display shows 5En or SEn
    5. Show series OF1 or OF… any number
    6. Display shows P:On or P:Off
    7. Sports display – see above
    8. Displaying the time of the week with a “-” indicates the days to be skipped.
    9. Rain Dial Plus: Shows “Open” as “Open”

  • RD-600/900/1200 Programming Tutorial
  • Program sheet for RD600/900/1200
  • What are skip days
  • DIY How Do I… Troubleshooting Sprinkler Cook Timer

    How do I reset my Irritrol rain dial?

    Open the battery compartment and disconnect the battery. Press and hold the manual control button while you perform the next step. Reconnect the ribbon cable, then release the Manual button. Note. The display now shows up to 00:00 should be displayed, indicating that the controller is configured.

      1. How to open the valve with using the manual button?
      2. How do I program this timer to water a freshly planted or overgrown lawn?
      3. How to reset our custom RainDial controller
      4. How to water while this timer is fixed (manual watering without using a timer)
      5. How to learn a fuse (see also FUS above)?
      6. How to check the transformer for a fault?
      7. How can I check if the solenoid valves are bad?
      8. Typical sprinkler valve layout?
      9. Rain sensor information for Irritrol RD600 and other timers.
      10. How to replace the watch face?

    irritrol rain dial troubleshooting

    This video shows common symptoms that indicate that your Rain Dial controller needs to be repaired. This

    If you don’t have enough information to solve your problem, we can help:
    Send Rain Dial timers for repair?

    For other issues or issues that come up frequently and are not yet related, just contact our organization or read the details here: How do I send it in for repair?

    Repair and Overhaul Representative RD-600, RD-900, RD-1200 (including R series) Irritrol Hardie/Timer < br>

    Why does my sprinkler timer not work?

    If your company’s sprinklers are not working but the timer is still on, the problem may be with the related fuse. (Not all timers have connections, but some older ones do.) Open the sprinkler timer box to check the fuses; If they are scratched, replace them. The problem may lie with the sprinkler antenna in general, which is often powered by a specific 9 volt battery.

    2. Incorrect or flashing LCD display. The LCD screen may flicker, flicker, flicker, pulsate, fade, light up, or rotate. It’s not a solid digital LCD, it actually vibrates like a neon sign >

    3. The timer settings do not remain programmed after a few days, or the device does not save the settings manually.

    How do I reset my rain dial sprinklers?

    Resetting your Rain Bird ESP-Me is probably not difficult. To reset irrigation control, simply turn the dial to Seasonal Settings, then press and hold the left and best button until the LCD displays CLEAN, at which point your ESP-Me irrigation controller has been reset.

    4. When you press this “Manual” button, the device will clear the running time and then display “OFF” on the LCD. If “OFF” is displayed, nothing is displayed with valuesand in “Manual” mode

    5. You get and notice erratic watering behavior. Your grass and plants suddenly die in the market. Most likely your Irritrol/Hardie timer has been reset to factory settings and the settings often no longer match the programmed watering schedule.

    6.9 VDC The solar panel has a very short life span. The backup battery wears out after a few days or weeks.

    7. The clock window on the LCD will display a flashing SEN or FUS software error. FUS does NOT mean your stiffener is bad!!!

    Note. It’s very rare that we’ve seen the power supply (transformer) for a 24V DC waterproof box fail, a fuse blow, or perhaps the waterproof box’s terminal block break inside, but it does happen. If you are experiencing any of the 7 symptoms above, it is possible that yourthe timer module is not working properly.

    1. Or buzzing, rattling values, including many valves that no longer work. You will actually hear the reading click, as if your little hammer is pounding inside your tubes. The vibration is caused by the magnets opening and closing very quickly, causing the water in the drip system to ripple.YouTube example of clanging valves

    1. Removing or replacing the controller/solenoid wire on the station board screws seems to be causing the valves to malfunction.

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