Steps To Fix The Menu Bar In A Windows Application

Over the past few weeks, several readers have informed us that they are encountering menu bars in windows applications. MenuStrip was the top level container when it replaced MainMenu. It also provides key functions and MDI (Multiple Document Interface) functions.


Calls your AccessibleObject to the specified control.

(Inherited from Control)


Gets, sets the default control action evidence for use by accessibility client applications.

(Inherited from Control)

Accessible Description

Get specific phrases or a description of the control used by accessibility client applications.

(Inherited from Control)


Gets or sets the actual name of the control used by accessibility client applications.

(Inherited from Control)

accessible role

Gets or sets the available role for this control.

(from Control)


Gets and/or sets a value indicating that dragging and reordering of elements is handled during events you implement.

(Adapted from ToolStrip)


Gets a value indicating whether dragging is handled privately when reordering elements when using the ToolStrip class.

(Inherited from ToolStrip)

Allow merge

Gets or sets a value indicating whether multiple MenuStrip, ToolStripDropDownMenu, ToolStripMenuItem, and other types can be combined.

(Inherited from ToolStrip)


Gets or sets the margins around the container that virtually every ToolStrip element is bound to, and determines how each ToolStrip element is resized relative to its actual parent.

(Inherited from ToolStrip)


This property does not belong to this category.

(Inherited from ToolStrip)

Autoscroll margins
menustrip in windows application

This property does not belong to this class.

(Inherited from ToolStrip)


How do you use MenuStrip?

To create a MenuStrip control at design time, simply place a MenuStrip control on a form in Visual Studio from the Toolbox. After dragging and pausing the MenuStrip on the form, MenuStrip1 is added to the form, which looks like Figure 1.

This property is not similar to this class.

(Inherited from ToolStrip)


What is a MenuStrip in C#?

C# MenuStrip: Windows Forms Use the Windows Forms MenuStrip control to provide a menu bar for a policy window. MenuStrip adds a menu strip to your Windows Forms program. With this control, we add a recipe area and then add regular menus or create custom menus directly in Visual Studio.

Gets or sets where this control scrolls, using ScrollControlIntoView(Control).

(Inherited from Control)
Autoscroll position

This property does not belong to this class.

(Inherited from ToolStrip)


Gets or sets an incremented value indicating whether the control will resize almost immediately to display all of its content.

(Inherited from ToolStrip)

Background Color

Gets also sets the background color anchored ToolStrip.

(Inherited from ToolStrip)

Background Image

Gets or sets the background image to display in the control.

(Largely inherited from Control)

Background Image Layout
menustrip in windows application

You can get or set the background image as defined in the ImageLayout enum.

(Inherited from Control)

binding context

Get can set the binding context for ToolStrip.

(Inherited from ToolStrip)


What control can be place on a MenuStrip?

The MenuStrip control supports multi-document incontinence (MDI) and the aggregation of menus, tool facts, and overflow. You can improve the usability and readability of your selection by adding access keys, first view shortcuts, checkmarks, images, and separators.

Get the distance, in pixels, between the bottom of the exception and the top in the container’s client area.

(Inherited from Control)


Gets or sets the specified size and position of controls, including their non-client controls, in p relative to the parent control.

(Inherited from Control)


Gets a value indicating whether the ImeMode resources can be set to an active value to enable IME support.

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