Tips For Resolving The Return Code Console Application Issue

In this blog post, we will explore some of the possible reasons that might cause the code console application to return, and then I will suggest some possible solutions that you can try to fix this issue. In C# 6.0 and VB.NET 14.0 (Visual Studio 2015) or Environment. ExitCode is also environment. Exit(exitCode) is required to get a non-zero code from the control panel application. Changing the return type because of Main has no effect. In F# 4.0 (Visual Studio 2015), the main input idea return value is respected.

public: static property int ExitCode int get(); invalid entry (int value); ;
public sound int ExitCode get; 

return code console application

Set of elements; this.ExitCode: int get with set
General public property ExitCode as an integer

Property value


What exit codes should I use?

1 – A catch for common mistakes.2 – abuse of builtin commands (according to bash documentation)126 – The command called could not be executed.127 – “Command not necessarily found”128 – Invalid exit argument.128+n – fatal error signal “n”130 – Script terminated by pressing Ctrl-C.255* – Output status is out of range.

A 32-bit signed integer, usually containing the exit code. By default, the value is 0 (zero), which indicates the successful completion of a specific type of process.


The following is a simple Double.exe application that increments an integer value passed to the program as a command-line argument. Currently, Importance assigns error codes to the ExitCode property to indicate error conditions. Note that the actual reference to System.Numerics.dll must be added in order for the example to compile correctly.

using the system;with System.Numerics;public sort example private constant int ERROR_BAD_ARGUMENTS = 0xA0; individual constant int ERROR_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW = 0x216; private const int ERROR_INVALID_COMMAND_LINE implies 0x667; public staticnew empty main() string[] args is Environment.GetCommandLineArgs(); obviously if (args.Length == 1) Environment.ExitCode = ERROR_INVALID_COMMAND_LINE; different Open systemOpen System.Numericsleaving ERROR_BAD_ARGUMENTS implies 0xA0Leave ERROR_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW = 0x216Let ERROR_INVALID_COMMAND_LINE be 0x667let = Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() argumentsif args.Length is 1 then Wednesday .<- exit code ERROR_INVALID_COMMAND_LINEdifferent BigInteger.TryParse args[1] competes with | true value -> if Bigint value <= Int32.MinValue || >= Bigint Int32.MaxValue then value Environment.Exit code <- ERROR_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW different printfn $"result: value - 2I" | _ -> Environment.Exit Code <- ERROR_BAD_ARGUMENTSImport System.Numericsmod example Private constant ERROR_BAD_ARGUMENTS integer as = &hA0 Private constant ERROR_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW, an integer equal to &h216 Private constant ERROR_INVALID_COMMAND_LINE integer as = &h667 public main subfield() Dim args() As String = Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() If args.Length = 1 then Environment.Exit Code = ERROR_INVALID_COMMAND_LINE Different Dim Since the value of BigInteger is 0 If BigInteger.TryParse(args(1), value) Then If value <= Int32.MinValue or ifvalue >= Int32.MaxValue Environment.ExitCode = ERROR_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW Different Console.WriteLine("Result: 0", value (space) 2) end if Different Environment.ExitCode implies ERROR_BAD_ARGUMENTS end if end if end underoutput module

How do I return an exit code in Python?

Exit codes run in Python using sys You see, we are using the built-in sys module to implement the output code in Python. The sys component has an exit() function that allows us to use exit requests and terminate programs as needed. The exit() function takes a single argument, which is my exit code.

The example is then called from a group file like this, which often provides its own error codes after using the ERRORLEVEL command.

@echo offDuplicate.exe %1If the error level is 1639, go to error level NoArg.when 534 overflowswhen error level 160 changes to BadArgif error level 0 echo Completed successfullyJump to: EOF:NoArgecho No argumentJump to: EOF: overflowecho Arithmetic overflowJump to: EOF:BadArgecho Invalid argumentJump to: EOF

How do I close the console application?

Console applications are sure to close when the main function completes. "Return"rides it.

The following are some examples of output from a particular batch file.

return code console application

>getdouble 123Result: 246Successfully completed>getdouble 5912323109093Arithmetic overflow> doubledMissing argument>getdouble "argument

notes line"Invalid because Double.exe code is a function that is identical to the following example, except that the first one defines an entry point named Main which has no return value for your life , while this example defines an entry point named Main code> returns an integer.

using the system;with System.Numerics;public category example{ private constant int ERROR_SUCCESS = 0; own personal constant int ERROR_BAD_ARGUMENTS = 0xA0; private const int ERROR_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW implies 0x216; private constant int ERROR_INVALID_COMMAND_LINE = 0x667; Public static object Main() { string[] args = Environment.GetCommandLineArgs(); if (args length == 1) returns ERROR_INVALID_COMMAND_LINE; New { BigInteger value 0; means if (BigInteger.TryParse(args[1], initial value)) maybe (Int32 Value <=.MinValue || worry >= Int32.MaxValue) returns ERROR_ARITHMETIC_OVERFLOW; different