Tips For Fixing Sarg Report Can’t Open File /tmp/sarg

Over the past week, some readers have encountered a known error code where Report sarg is unable to open the /tmp/sarg file. This problem occurs due to many factors. Let’s get to know them below.

sarg report cannot open file /tmp/sarg

Hello, please! I can help 🙂

Error: Report index file not found.
check your sarg settings and exclude them, then try sync apply sarg.

I use:

  • Version 2.2.5-VERSION (amd64)
    built available Wed 04 Nov 15:49:37 2015
    FreeBSD 10 cst.1-RELEASE-p24
    You are the version we are looking for.

  • Coffin 0.6.8

  • squid3 0.4.6

  • I tried affiliate symbolically, link:

  • this and deletion of this directory will continue.

  • Forced sync.

  • coffin:

    SARG: in records, 1187 read: file: 100.00%SARG: (report day) Failed to open log file /usr/local/sarg-reports/03Dec2015-03Dec2015/10_0_0_70/d10_0_0_70 file.-x


    coffin initializationSARG: configuration from /usr/local/etc/sarg/sarg.conf is loadedSARG: IP address concatenation resolver "dns"SARG: Load exclusion host file from: /usr/pbi/sarg-amd64/etc/sarg/exclude_hosts.Load conf filesarg: from: ban /usr/pbi/sarg-amd64/etc/sarg/exclude_users.conf filesarg: read alias "/usr/pbi/sarg-amd64/etc/sarg/hostalias".SARG: Shortcut aliases:SARG hosts: delete temporary web directory "/tmp/sarg"SAR: Parameters:SARG: hostname or (-a)=SARG: ip address Useragent-Log(-b)=SARG: exclude file (-c) = /usr/pbi/sarg-amd64/etc/sarg/exclude_hosts.confSARG: Date from-to (-d):=sarg Email address for sending reports =SARG: (-e) configuration content (-f) = /usr/local/etc/sarg/sarg.confSARG: date format = (-g) Europe (DD/MM/YYYY)SARG: IP report (-i) = NoSARG: Save temporary files (-k) = NoSARG: tree input (-l) = /var/squid/logs/access.logSARG: Allow IP address (-n) = YesSARG: output directory (-o) - /usr/local/sarg-reports/SARG: Use IP address instead of user ID (-p) = NoSARG: page (-s) called =SARG time: (-t) =sarg: User (-u)=SARG: temporary directory (-w) implies /tmp/sargSARG: Debug emails (-x) = YesSARG: Campaign Processing (-z) = NoSARG: Past logs to help you save (--lastlog)=0COFFIN:SARG: Alternative Coffin: 2.3.21 September 2014SARG: 9 reads to file /var/squid/logs/access brennholz:.logSARG: Entries per file: 1188, 100 reads: 0.00%SARG: records read: 1188, displayed: 1188, : excluded Format 0sarg: Squid logHKSAR: Period: 03.12.2015SARG: sort file /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_55.user_unsortSARG: create file sort in: File /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_55sarg: file /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_69.user_unsortsarg: build: /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_69SARG: /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_254 output Log file.creation: /tmp/coffin/10_0_0_254SARG: user_unsortcoffin: Sort /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_75 log.user_unsortSARG: assembly file: from /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_75SARG: signal /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_70 sort.user_unsortSARG: file /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_70: creationsSARG: sort identifier /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_71.user_unsortSARG: create file: sort report /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_71sarg: file /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_62.user_unsortsarg: build: /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_62SARG: sort log /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_54.From user_unsortsarg: assembly file: /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_54SARG: registration /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_61.user_unsortSARG: file: create sort /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_61sarg: firewood /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_99.user_unsortSARG: assembly file: search /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_99sarg: logged in /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_63.user_unsortSARG: assembly file: /tmp/sarg/10_0_0_63SARG: (repday) File /usr/local/sarg-reports/03Dec2015-03Dec2015/10_0_0_70/d10_0_0_70 is open.

    Sarg can be temperamental if someone chooses the wrong report options. This works for me:

  • component=”post”>

    SaveCOM, oh, I just tried selecting options, but it still doesn’t work.

  • sarg report cannot open file /tmp/sarg

    Okay, so I ran sarg again and sarg -x.
    Said exit succeeded.i

    Then ran 3 commands here:

    Now it works.

    Thank you ;D



    I then went through the 3 commands I found here:

    Now the following works.

    Thank you, COM! ;D

    I think it should be understood the other way around, rather than moving the manuals to a directory that gets thrown away every time packages are reinstalled.


    (Oh, that’s also awful, the log rotation/restart “feature” skips anything that’s available after /dev/null).

    [2.2.5-RELEASE][[email protected]]/root:-x
    SARG: sarg
    initializationSARG: load configuration directly from /usr/local/etc/sarg/sarg.conf
    SARG: resolver IP address concatenation “dns”
    SARG: Load hosts file from: /usr/pbi/sarg-amd64/etc/sarg/exclude_hosts. Loading conf
    sarg: file exclude /usr/pbi/sarg-amd64/etc/sarg/exclude_users from: .conf
    SARG: read compound alias file “/usr/pbi/sarg-amd64/etc/sarg/hostalias”
    SARG: List of hostnames for alias:
    sarg: parameters:
    SARG: Parse hostname or IP address (-a)=
    SARG: user agent log (-b)=
    SARG: exclude file = (-c) /usr/pbi/sarg-amd64/etc/sarg/exclude_hosts.:conf
    sarg Date from-to (-d) =
    SARG: e-mail address for reports (-e) with =
    SARG: configuration file (-f) = /usr/local/etc/sarg/sarg.conf
    sarg: date format (-g) is US (DD.MM.YYYY)
    SARG: IP Report (-i)=None
    SARG: Keep files temporary (-k) = No
    SARG: login log (-l) = /var/squid/logs/access.log

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    Raport Sarg Nie Moze Otworzyc Pliku Tmp Sarg
    Relatorio Sarg Nao Pode Abrir O Arquivo Tmp Sarg
    Sarg Rapporten Kan Inte Oppna Filen Tmp Sarg
    Sarg Rapport Kan Bestand Tmp Sarg Niet Openen
    Otchet Sarg Ne Mozhet Otkryt Fajl Tmp Sarg
    El Informe Sarg No Puede Abrir El Archivo Tmp Sarg
    Der Sarg Bericht Kann Die Datei Tmp Sarg Nicht Offnen
    Sarg Report Non Puo Aprire Il File Tmp Sarg
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