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  • I just made an RP2 update regarding the old Battered Stuff

    – Added GUI due to RedPower project table

    – Optimization of RedPower and All Rust ovens

    tekkit forth boot disk tutorial

    – Added 32 textures for Core, Redpower Logic, Lighting, Wiring and World

    I was hoping to catch upabout the place. Currently only responsible for 3 weeks :)

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    13. 2012

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  • I organize/comment”>

    Since writing such a program is a requirement, I will be sure to also post a way to use it even in multi-user mode (e.g. Do)i.

    I don’t even know (yet) the strategies for creating a mod. XD Maybe that’s a pain for me too. Also tell me when you release the mod

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  • I’m still curious why this loop is considered unreachable at (read 8000-8000) and won’t continue around 0.

    HEXADIMAL: .0 .1 .bits .I .do ..I ;

    This +loop prints 1, ii, 4, … 4000, but usually stops at that, not eight (thousands should be -1). Perhaps if the number of cycles becomes negative, is it some kind of flag to end the cycle?

    Also, has anyone developed a word/function that dumps data directly from a compiled thesaurus so it can be added, which helps at the end of someone else’s dictionary?

    This is definitely a very good suggestion for distributing and merging programs/libraries made by other players. Ideally, you should just dump data from Keil 1 to your hard drive, and then be able to load the entire library in seconds, just like a FORTH boot drive. This is possible during Redpower because we are using the entire Associated rp architecture; If there is no need to recompile FORTH programs between computers, immediately copy the compileddata.

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