An Easy Way To Fix 8451 Errors Caused By Replication.

In this guide, we are going to uncover some of the possible causes that might cause replication causing error 8451 and then provide possible solutions that you can try to get rid of this problem.

This article provides a solution to Active Directory replication error 8451: “The replication operation encountered a database error.”

Applies to: Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2
Original KB number: 2645996


This article describes the symptoms and causes of situations in which Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) functions fail and error 8451: “Database error occurred during copy operation.” This article also offers a simple solution to this problem. .
You may experience one or more of the following noticeable symptoms:

  • You see one or more error messages, logged events, diagnostic messages, or products on the screen indicating a database error. Possible formats for this error are usually as follows.

    Decimal code Hexadecimal code Text code Error message

    8451 0x2103 ERROR_DS_DRA_DB_ERROR A database error occurred during the impersonation operation. -1018 0xffffffc06 JET_errReadVerifyFailure Error completing checksum in page database. Buffer -1047 0xffffffbe9 jet_errinvalidbuffersize The data often matches the size of the column. -1075 0xffffffbc JET_errOutOfLongValueID The LongValueID counter seems to have reached its maximum value (perform an offline defragmentation to restore and unload the LongValueID for free). -1206 0xffffffb4a JET_errDatabaseCorrupted Database file missing or database corrupted. -1414 0xfffffa7a JET_errSecondaryIndexCorrupted The secondary directory is corrupted. The storage system needs to be defragmented. -1526 0xfffffa0a JET_errLVC corrupted Tree corruption detected with long values. -1601 0xffffff9bf JET_errRecordNotFound Main file could not be found. -1603 0xffffff9b JET_errNoCurrentRecord Currency not registered.
  • Dcpromo.exe fails with error 8451.
    The UI displays the correct message:

    The operation failed for the following reason:

    AD DS failed to replicate folder partition Active Remote Directory domain controller...

    A tracking error occurred while duplicating.

    The Dcpromo.log file contains the following information

    the replication generated an error 8451

    [INFO] NstdInstall for released 8451

  • Repadmin.exe reports failed replication attempt with status 8451. Repadmin.exe commands that typically report full status 8451 include:

  • Repadmin /kcc

  • Repadmin /rehost

  • Repadmin/replicate

  • Repadmin /replsum

  • Repadmin /showrepl

  • Repadmin /showreps

  • Repadmin /showutdvec

  • Repadmin/syncall

    For details on using Repadmin to troubleshoot and resolve replication issues, see Tracking Active Directory replication troubleshooting with Repadmin.

    NextThis example shows the output of someone’s repadmin /showreps command showing badly replicated incoming traffic from CONTOSO-DC2 to CONTOSO-DC1 with the message “Replication access disabled, possibly denied.” ” is being generated.

    the replication generated an error 8451

    Default first site nameCONTOSO-DC1
    DSA Options: IS_GC
    Site Options: (none)
    DSA object GUID: b6dc8589-7e00-4a5d-b688-045aef63ec01
    DSA Call ID: b6dc8589-7e00-4a5d-b688-045aef63ec01
    ==== INCOMING NEIGHBORS ==================================
    Default first site nameCONTOSO-DC2 via RPC
    DSA object GUID: try 74fbe06c-932c-46b5-831b-af9e31f496b2
    last @

  • The Event Viewer lists and may have other events associated with this error 8451. The following table lists the main event sources and event IDs associated with common events that indicate this error 8451 (in order event source + function ID ).source Event

    Event ID Event message

    Microsoft-Windows-ActiveDirectory_DomainService 1039 is a good enough reason for extended error 8451 Internal Event: AD DS was unable to process the following specific object. Microsoft-Windows-ActiveDirectory_DomainService 1084 with extended error 8451 Internal event: Active Directory failed to update the following object with changes from the following source domain operator. Indeed, an error was propagated when applying changes to Active Directory on the operator’s domain. Microsoft-Windows-ActiveDirectory_DomainService 1308 with extended error 8451 The Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC) determined that an attempt to replicate using the following directory service failed. Microsoft-Windows-ActiveDirectory_DomainService 1699 with extended error 8451 The local domain controller cannot receive the requested changes to the following directory partition. As a result, it is no longer possible to send change requests to room controllers at the following association address. NTDS Replication 2108 with extended error 8451 and additional error value -1075 This event contains the REPAIR PROCEDURES of the previously logged Event 1084. This point indicates a specific problem with some consistency in the Active Directory data store in this target replication. A database error occurred while applying replicated swings to track an object. The directory had unexpected contents that interfered with editing. Subject: CN=[email protected],OU=marketing,OU=5thWard,OU=Houston,DC=Contoso,DC=com Objectguid: 2843919c-345c-4f57-bc1a-4ed5acbcf9e2 Original Web Site Controller : User Response If none of these steps are successful and the replication error persists, demote and resell this domain controller. Additional primary data error value: 8451 Database error during administrative replication. Secondary error value: -1075 NTDS Replication 2108 with error provided 8451 with secondary circumstance value -1526 This contains RECOVERY PROCEDURES for some1084 events that were previously signed. This message indicates a specific Active Directory database consistency issue in this replication target. A database error occurred while checking that replicated changes follow all objects. The database had unexpected content, so the change could no longer be made. Topic: CN=[email protected],OU=marketing,OU=5thWard,OU=Houston,DC=Contoso,DC=com Topic GUID: 2843919c-345c-4f57-bc1a-4ed5acbcf9e2 source domain Controller: User Response If none of the individual actions are successful and replication continues to fail, you should demote and re-promote this gaming domain controller. Master Data Error Additional Value: 8451 Replication encountered a database error while running. Secondary error value: -1526 NTDS Replication 2108 with extended error 8451 with alternate error value -1414 This event contains the REPAIR PROCEDURES for the 1084 model, for which a competition was previously registered. This alarm indicates a specific problem Consistency with the person’s Active Directory database in this target replication. A data error occurred while using a replicated application to track an object. The index had unexpected content and could not be updated. Subject: CN=

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    De Replicatie Genereerde Een Fout 8451
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    La Replica Ha Generato Un Errore 8451
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