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Jeep Comanche MJ) (referred to as a pickup truck, a variant of the Cherokee compact SUV produced (1984-2001)[3] by Jeep for 1986-1992 rear-wheel drive models. Front wheel drive (rwd) 4WD and 4WD models mainly have two bed sizes: 1.83 meters (6 feet) and 2.13 meters (7 feet).[4]


In the mid-1980s, in the words of AMC President W. Paul Tippett, Jr., “People saw trucks as a reasonable but sophisticated alternative to automobiles.”[5] To keep up with demand and To compete with Japanese rivals, AMC and Chrysler (respectively) have been preparing compact pickup trucks for their 1986 and 1987 models for some time.[5] Around this time, AMC’s bankruptcy situation was bad. thuThe goal is to make money preparing a new line of mid-size cars (Eagle Premier) to be built at the factory in (Brampton Canada Assembly). Jeep compact pickup in the fall of 1985.[6]

The Jeep was introduced by Comanche in mid-August 1985 at a luxury event held at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino Bally’s (now Las Vegas) ballroom for over 1,500 North American AMC dealers.[7 ] American Motors has engaged Chinese officials in dialogue about the creation of the Beijing Jeep (now Beijing Benz). The goal was to set up this Comanche business in China and sell it big through the finger.[7]

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The new trucks were introduced by José Dedeurwarder, an engineer or international general manager with 23 months, if not years, experience at Renault, who has just been named the new president of AMC.[8]Base price The One 2WD model was $7,049 (adjusted for inflation only, or $16,962 in 2020, if you like[9]), making it Jeep’s most affordable model for the 1986 model year. [10]


American Jeep motors tailoring companies drew style inspiration, manThe Comanche body, construction and powertrain on the mj XJ Cherokee, introduced for the 1984 model year.[3]< The Comanche featured a slightly more conventional body style. on a frame structure behind the cab and a conveniently removable cargo box, but the Cherokee's one-piece body structure at the front of the car is retained. In the United States, starting with the Dodge Comanche and Rampage, both are considered break-in trucks for. In contrast, the Volkswagen Rabbit pickup was referred to elsewhere as the Volkswagen Caddy and was considered a utility coupe and not a construction truck, as the body is an integral part of the body and cannot be removed. However, this is simply not a legal definition of lifting power in the United States, where the main Comanche, Rampage and Rabbit models have all but sold out.

troubleshoot comanchee

Received two used beds; one for the 7-foot bed variant that first appeared in 1986, and a second, shorter version for the 6-foot truck bed debuted in model year 1987. Unlike other microphones of the era, which especially used C-channel frames, historic Comanche design (dubbed “Uniframe” ot Jeep) was really cashed under the bed, X-file format, big sur, the rear axle was in the center. For extra strength, the rails had an extra 8 inches of depth (top to bottom), much deeper than the chassis of a conventional midsize dump truck (the chassis of a full-size 1983 Jeep J-10 is 6 inches 75 at this particularly deep point). This structure was introduced by AMC for the cowboy compact pickup prototype in 1971.[11]

From 1986 to 1988, the Jeep Comanche 10’s grille had the same seats as the Cherokee XJ’s from 1984 to 1987, and from 1988 to 1992, this configuration converted eight of them into corresponding SUV seats. 12] [A new ‘4×4’ badge, similar to those found on each of our Cherokee and Wagoneer models, has been linked to the upper rear of the cargo bay on all of their 4WD models. [1]

After overseeing the $1.5 billion takeover of Chrysler from American Motors on March 9, 1987, Sasey reportedly stated that “Jeep’s profitability was poor… and 1,400 more dealerships were added”< sup>[13] . The Comanche, and like the Cherokee, offers only minore changes. This was done primarily to improve reliability and parts interchangeability with cars built by other Chryslers.


The Comanche used a quadralink XJ front steering column with Cherokee coil springs and upper/lower control arms on a fixed axle. It has been claimed that an increase in axle articulated coil allows for increased ride comfort during off-road trips. One tie rod (Panhard rod) is used to keep the axle centered in line with the truck. Modified versions of the same base system brackets were later used on the 1993–2004 Grand Cherokee, 1997 TJ Wranglers, and 1994 Dodge Rams.

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